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07-06-2012 11:53 AM

12mm to 15mm South Sea Pearl Necklace
We received an absolutely beautiful strand of AAA quality white south sea cultured pearls. The interesting thing about this necklaces was that the pearls were every so slightly off round. In fact, if one were to look at the shape chart below, the pearls would probably get the shape grade of between round and semi round:

I was particularly interested in obtaining these stunning pearls into our inventory because when a pearl dealer has the chance to obtain pearls that are so ever slightly off round (a truly round pearl must have less than a 3% variation in the circumference of the pearl), there is a dramatic price discount, yet wen worn, it is virtually impossible to differentiate the ever so slightly off round pearls to perfectly round pearls.

And with this particular south sea pearl necklace, the luster of the pearls were among the highest I have seen for south sea pearls. The pearls exhibited this beautiful orient that have made pearls so famous over the years. I recall purchasing similar perfectly round pearls at auction for upwards of $60,000 a strand whereas this slightly off round pearl necklace was nearly 1/10th the price. In addition, I have personally seen strands of equivalent luster, bodycolor, overtone and quality in the perfectly round variety for nearly $125,000.

The take away here is that pearls that are ever so slightly off shape (but not obvious when on) are seldom seen, but when they are, they offer an incredible value and impression when the luster, quality, bodycolor and orient are the highest they can be. In addition, shape does not affect quality as one can have a AAA drop pearl necklace or a AAA button pearl necklace.

Our beautiful customer was so gracious and allowed us to photograph the pearl necklace on her. As you can see, it is stunning!

The necklace length is 18 inches and it is affixed with an 18K white gold tiffany style x clasp.

Because the south sea pearl earrings were so large, we gave the customer the equaliazer earring back shown below which was patented and invented by a dear friend of mine Joe Rissin from Rissin's Jewelry Clinic. The beauty of this earring back that is far superior than the elephant back is that the extra wire work on the top of the earring back prevents the pearl from falling forward. Its an amazing invention and really one of the only solutions for a large pearl earring when one chooses not to do a clip back for pierced ears.

Equaliazer Pearl Earring Back

Regular Large Jumbo Elephant Back

Omega Clip (Clip back for pierced ears)

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