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Pearl Earrings
06-04-2013, 09:11 AM

Absolutely. If you have pierced ears or not, you are more than welcome to send your pearls to and have them refitted for the exact style that you like.

You can start the process by filling out this form: Change Your Pearls

The screw backs have a threaded post and offer extra security as the backing has to be rotated onto the post several times.

The push backs have a smooth post and tension back that allow the backing to slide back and forth on the post. They are less secure than the screw backs but easier to take on and off.

The shepherds hook earrings are a more casual look as the pearl dangles below the wire setting to offer movement while the pearls are worn and does not offer and closure mechanism.

The lever back is similar to the shepherds hook in that the pearl dangles, except it is not open ended on one side, has a hinge and a closed mechanism.

The clip backs are for non-pierced ears and offer a simply way to wear pearl earrings. Because the clip back earrings contain so much metal, if ordered in gold, they can be costly.

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