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Large White Freshwater Pearls
02-05-2012, 06:39 PM

Hi Everyone,

Here is a beautiful large white freshwater baroque cultured pearl necklace (I estimate this to be anywhere from 25mm on up. There are gold jump rings connecting each pearl to another (rather than the typical double stranded silk thread and double knots that one would expect to find on a pearl necklace) and it also has a magnificent gold shaped bean clasp. All of the baroque pearls have no axis of symmetry and they appear to have wings. American Pearl does sell a similar piece that has been very popular recently. As a supplier to other stores and vendors across America, this has been a popular pearl necklace seller. As you can see below, there is the American Pearl version of this with a silver figure 8 clasp. These freshwater pearls are truly looking more and more like their south sea pearl counterparts that can cost nearly $20,000.

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