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Pearl Ring with Diamond Suround
06-21-2012, 10:38 AM

This is a beautiful ring that we just made as a custom order for a customer that saw a ring on our website but wanted to change it and make it her own.

The first ring is the Bernette ring that looks like this:

The customer wanted the same south sea pearl ring with more diamonds and a larger 13mm center pearl instead. Our top jewelry artist designed a gorgeous ring that is featured below in a pre-mounted state.

The customer also wanted to replace the center natural color black Tahitian Pearl with a Golden South sea pearl. She then selected a pair of earrings to match this style as featured below. So we had to create two custom designed 18K yellow gold diamond balls from scratch with a complete surface of pave set diamonds covering the entire surface of the ball; not unlike a diamond ball center split clasp.

There are two ways to make the ball. The first way is to set the diamonds, all of the same size, in concentric circles around the ball. This results in a cost effect lower total diamond weight.

The second way is to choose three different diamond sizes and set the diamonds in a bee-hive pattern of three different sizes all clustered around each other to create a seamless diamond surface.

Here are the pieces we custom made for the earring. Let me hand it off to Oyster, our Production Manager, to tell you about the exact diamond weight, diamond color and diamond clarity.

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Golden South Sea Pearl Ring
07-02-2012, 06:07 PM

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