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3D Diamond Engagement Rings
08-30-2010, 01:03 PM

We had so much fun with the 3D pearl rings, we decided to start a collection of diamond engagement rings that have the same look and feel as Tiffany & Co. It's well known that Tiffany & Co. is the number one design house in America for jewelry. We at American Pearl admire them very much. We have always been fascinated at Tiffany's diamond engagement ring selection. It seems like Tiffany has every classic diamond engagement ring in stock. Tiffany also has very specific rules as to the combination of diamond sizes. For example, in a three stone past, present future diamond ring, the sum of the side stones usually equals the same size of the center stone.

We've also noticed that Tiffany adheres to a 1 to 1.3 ratio in their emerald cut diamond engagement rings.

Having done a lot of research actually visiting Tiffany & Co. and examining their engagement rings we've put together a line of diamond rings that have a similar look and feel to Tiffany & Co.'s rings. All the rings are presented here in 3D for your review. We know that we only have a fraction of what Tiffany offers shown in 3D (it takes a really long to time create the 3D versions of the rings here), but we are committed to building out this collection. Of course, we have practically every Tiffany & Co. diamond ring in stock. It's just showing them in 3D which is the expensive and time consuming part. Either way, seeing a ring in 3D is a stunning experience that I think is truly moving.
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