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Pearl and Diamond Hoop Earring
07-19-2011, 04:28 PM

We had a very special request by an engaged couple who were planning on having a custom pearl and diamond earring made in 18K white gold. They saw a piece in a finer jewelry store at retail prices and were hesitant to purchase as they were unsure of the quality of the diamonds and pearls in the piece (diamonds that are mounted are difficult to grade and one must trust the opinion of the seller as the diamonds are set and cannot be easily graded).

This pearl earring set is 2 inches long. It has approximately 2.9 carats of G color VS clarity diamonds. The earring appears to be two tear drops fashioned from gold whose points are touching. There is a smaller tear whose point is facing downward and a larger teardrop whose point is facing upwards. The earring pair is set with approximately 2 pointers. The larger 8 diamonds, 4 on each earring are approximately 5 pointers.

American Pearl's designers are hard at work designing the base pieces, cutting the diamonds and preparing for the creation of this beautiful piece for a very special wedding date.

There are 116 diamonds total according to our estimate.

We will soon have a breakdown of the earring's gold weight, diamond weight and pearl cost.

The pearls are 11.1mm.

In addition, they wanted to beat the price which American Pearl is very good at.

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