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American Pearl is Member Spotlight on Cultured Pearl Association of America Website
09-01-2011, 01:20 PM

We are proud to announce that is the 12th member to be featured on Every month this page will feature another member of the Cultured Pearl Association of America.

Now we present to you

American Pearl

Unlike the story of many pearl companies, American Pearl traces its roots to an earlier time when Charlie Bakhash founded American Pearl in 1950. That year he opened a tiny storefront in the heart of midtown Manhattan.

As a boy, Charlie lived in Japan with his family. Charlie's mother was always fascinated with the beauty and history of pearls. To satisfy her curiosity, Charlie's mother sent him to the pearl farms of Japan to acquire pearls for her own personal use. Eager to please his mother, Charlie quickly learned about pearl quality and value from the pearl farmers. In the process, he discovered the beauty and mystical qualities of this rare gem and in that instant fell in love with pearls. Charlie proudly returned home with the finest quality pearls his mother had ever seen. Charlie's mother was overjoyed as the pearls he unveiled were finer and more beautiful than she hoped for. As she examined her pearls she noticed Charlie speaking passionately about their qualities and perfection. What started as an errand for a family member turned into a lifelong pursuit. Charlie found his calling. His mother realized her son's passion and from that moment on encouraged him to pursue his dream as a pearl dealer.

View the complete Membership Spotlight by clicking here.
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