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Guest Introduces GIA Certificates for AAA Pearls
09-01-2011, 01:22 PM is providing an authentic G.I.A. Cultured Pearl Classification Report (CPC Report) for every AAA quality Japanese Akoya cultured pearl necklace it offers on its website (over 6.5mm).

(PRWEB) August 25, 2011, the internet's first and largest online pearl seller, is providing an authentic G.I.A. Cultured Pearl Classification Report (CPC Report) for every AAA quality Japanese Akoya culturedpearl necklace it offers on its website (over 6.5mm). For over a decade now, consumers have been purchasing pearls from online sellers blindly trusting them on the promised grading and quality to be delivered. Wise consumers trying to check the quality of the pearls they received often have to go to great pains to validate the quality of their new pearls. This can include going to a retail store that deals with the finest quality pearls with their newly purchased pearls and doing a side-by-side comparison to make sure they got what they paid for. This takes a lot of time and work for consumers. In addition, consumers often overlook the most important factor in grading pearls: surface cleanliness.

Many online pearl sellers advertise pseudo certificates that are made with their own computers, printers and certificate making software in-house. These pretend certificates are not real and they are not written by an unbiased person. Consumers shopping for pearls online are often looking for the best price and overlook the most important characteristic in grading pearls; the surface cleanliness and pearl quality. Sellers of blemished spotted pearls often advertise them as "95% Clean" or "slightly imperfect". These pearls are not clean and consumers should be skeptical of this quality as it is not a true AAA. After all, it was a specific pearl retail store that invented the "AAA Grade" for pearls. If one were to visit this actual store and view the "AAA" quality Japanese Akoya cultured pearl, they would clearly see that it is clean.
In addition, consumers often confuse an "appraisal" with a "certificate". An appraisal is a the act of estimating or judging the value of pearls or pearl jewelry for insurance purposes and replacement value. Often the value of the pearls on the appraisal are greater than the purchase price if the pearls were purchased at wholesale value. A "certificate" is a document serving as evidence or as written testimony to the quality and characteristics of a gem based on the industry established grading system.

The Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) is the unmistakable sole authority that is recognized and respected by finer jewelry establishments throughout the world. No other organization is more reputable and trustworthy. They are the industry standard for grading diamonds. The G.I.A. has pioneered and established the nomenclature for grading and assessing cultured pearls in America. It is their grading system and classes which have educated jewelers across America. We are proud to introduce their Cultured Pearl Classification Report to you. To quote the GIA, "The classification report includes all of the Identification Report information as well as classifications for luster, surface, nacre thickness and matching (if applicable)."

Please note that American Pearl sells only perfectly clean pearls as defined by the GIA Cultured Pearl Classification Report in their Japanese Akoya AAA grade. If you look carefully at the G.I.A. Cultured Pearl Classification Report, these AAA pearls will receive the "Clean" grade under the "Surface" description so you know you have a "AAA" and the finest pearls in the world graded by the trusted Gemological Institute of American (G.I.A.). One no longer has to worry if they are getting what they paid for. Pearls that are blemished are worth half as much as "Clean" pearls. You can count on for the cleanest most valuable pearls in the marketplace.

To view a sample of the G.I.A. Cultured Pearl Classification Report (CPC Report) Please click on the following link: can also furnish a G.I.A. Cultured Pearl Classification Report for any Tahitian pearls as well. Tahitian pearls can also receive the "clean" grade under surface.

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