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Understanding Mikimoto Blue Lagoon Pearls, their place in the marketplace
01-28-2012, 05:28 AM

Many consumers looking for Mikimoto Blue Lagoon pearls may have stumbled upon some e-commerce websites that speak about this brand and forums such as pearl-guide that also mention this brand name. Specifically this thread:

In addition to the information about Blue Lagoon, the thread above also mentions "hanadama" as being equivalent to mikimoto AAA. We have found this information to be false as Mikimoto AAA quality pearls are "clean" whereas the best pearl surface grade for Hanadama is "very slightly imperfect" or spotted. Pearls that are "very slightly imperfect" or spotted are worth half as much as clean pearls. Mikimoto does not associate with the Hanadama brand and has stricken the word from their website completely because of this.

Blue Lagoon is a Mikimoto brand. According to their website below it is an exclusive "Mikimoto line" but it should not be confused with the Mikimoto brand. According to their website, these pearls represent very good quality pearls that represent the top six percent to ten percent of the harvest. They are distributed by Zales, Gordon Jewelers and the Military Exchange.

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