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Amazing pearls. Best service ever!
05-16-2012, 03:43 PM

I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone at American Pearls for going above and beyond.

The first order I placed was for a beautiful necklace for my wife. I have never seen a strand in any jewelry store that can compete with how good these pearls look. This necklace is destined to be a family heirloom.

Next, I ordered a matching bracelet and I felt like I got the first-class treatment. My wife has a very petite wrist so the salesperson directed that the bracelet be tied with one less pearl (with the extra one included in the box). The bracelet fit perfectly.

Today I surprised my wife with a pair of A.P. earrings for her birthday. When I placed the order the salesperson was outstanding! He looked up my previous orders to verify what I already had and wrote special instructions to ensure that the earrings matched perfectly with the pearls she already had.

If I wasn't already impressed, I was about to be blown away when Fedex knocked on my door the next morning. I had ordered the earrings from New York at 2pm one day and by the next morning, at 11am, they were on my doorstep in Canada! I have never experienced shipping that fast... I did not even think it was possible! And my wife adores the new earrings.

On three separate occasions: a special surprise, an anniversary, and a birthday, I have chosen American Pearl for my wife's gifts. Even though I purchased them at different times, the A.P. staff have matched the pearls so closely to each other that they look like I bought them all together.

I have enjoyed my purchases with American Pearl more than I have enjoyed any other shopping experience. The staff have been honest and knowledgeable and have provided that extra touch that has made each piece of jewelry custom-made just for my wife. She loves her pearls and absolutely shines when she wears them.

Until my next order, thanks!


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The Finest Quality Pearls, Better than any Jewelry Store
06-05-2012, 05:18 PM

Thanks Chad.

There are many sellers that sell pearls out there online and in jewelry stores. Most of the pearls being offered are what we sometimes call commercial quality; the pearls are plentiful in the marketplace, readily available and are not the top of the harvest in terms of luster, pure white bodycolor, roundness and surface cleanliness. And there are many grading systems that are used by each seller for their own pearls. Having supplied thousands of jewelry stores across America and the world for over 60 years, we can tell you that we truly belive that we offer the finest quality cultured pearls that money can buy. Of course, you can find lower quality on our website if its labeled A, A+ or AA. However, when you purchase a AAA quality pearl, you are expecting to get the finest quality pearls that is available in the marketplace - not the finest quality pearls that the jewelry store owner could find who happens to label it AAA. And I think that's what you experienced when you said "I have never seen a strand in any jewelry store that can compete with how good these pearls look."

We are so happy that our pearl and jewelry items can become a part of your family's heirloom collection. We are honored.

And I would personally like to congratulate the American Pearl staff for its world class customer service and jewelry expertise in completing your set.

May she enjoy her pearls and wear them for many joyous occasions!
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06-19-2012, 04:21 PM

I am so pleased to hear that the items you have purchased for your wife from American Pearl have been a success!

American Pearl makes it easy for people across the country (and world) to get and give the highest quality in pearl jewelry at incredibly affordable rates. We strive to give our customers pieces that will not only be loved now, but by the generations that follow as heirlooms with in the family.

Another great idea to create something special that can be enjoyed for years to come is our Add-a-Pearl Program. This allows you to create a pearl necklace pearl by pearl over the course of a few years or many years.
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