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3D Jewelry Design - 3D Pearl Ring
08-30-2010, 12:28 PM

American Pearl and it's sister company are proud to announce a new 3D Jewelry Design Group.

Using state-of-the art jewelry cad cam (computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing) American Pearl's computer technicians and jewelry designers are able to take your pearl jewelry or diamond engagment ring concept from idea to reality.

Here's how it works:

(1) You tell American Pearl what you would like. It could be a picture you've seen in a catalog or online or just an idea you have.

(2) American Pearl's cad cam technicians and jewelry designers create a 3D model of your design.

(3) We render a still shot of your ring using computer software.

(4) You receive the still image, you comment on it. American Pearl will make changes based on your recommendations. We'll submit a new still image back to you for your approval. We can go back-and-forth as many times as you need in order to get your special piece of jewelry, pearl ring or diamond engagment ring to your liking.

(5) Once you approve the still image, American Pearl can create a 3D animated movie of your special piece of jewelry as shown below.

(6) Once you approve the 3D movie, we grow the mold of the piece that we created for your thereby making an original.

(7) We make a mold of the orignal and cast your piece. Based on the 3D model, we can estimate the weight of the gold or platinum you are looking for and give you a price quote.

(8) We cast the piece, set the diamonds if need be, set the pearls and polish the piece.

(9) To start your 3D Jewelry Design with American Pearl's expert staff, please phone us at 800-847-3275 or email us at

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