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New Tahitian Pearls Shipment New York - September 1st, 2010
09-02-2010, 03:29 PM

Many of you have been anxiously awaiting the new Tahitian pearl harvest and South Sea Pearl harvest. American Pearl is proud to announce that we received our first shipment of pearl necklaces for the new season's harvest.


We received:

(1) Tahitian Pearl Necklaces in the round variety
(2) Tahitian Drop shaped Pearl Necklaces,
(3) White South Sea keshi Pearl Necklaces,
(4) White South Sea Pearl Necklaces (round),
(5) Golden South Sea Pearls,
(6) Multicolor Baroque South Sea Pearl Necklaces (white pearls, black pearls, golden pearls, grey pearls),
(7) South sea drop shaped Pearl Necklaces

and many, many more varieties.

In this year's harvest, there was a shortage of large size natural color Tahitian pearl necklaces starting at 12mm and up.

We did see a nice supply of smaller south sea pearls that are round and clean ideal for making necklaces from 8mm up 10. For example, 8mm to 10mm or 9mm to 10mm uniform. These pearl necklaces are a great look as they appear similar in size to a 10mm to 11mm south sea necklace starting at $5,000 but they are 1/3rd to 1/2 the price.

There was an abundance of golden south sea pearl necklaces. Pearl strands of this color are selling very well for us in Europe as there is a greater demand for them overseas.

Many of our customers ask us to notify them when we receive new shipments as they like to come visit our showroom in New York City at 576 Fifth Avenue. Please phone us to make an appointment (800) 84-PEARL and one of our GIA trained pearl specialists will be happy to assist you. American Pearl also has a pearl stringer on site where pearl necklaces can be strung while you wait and fitted to your exact specifications.

Please see below for a sampling of what you might find if you visit us:

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